Celebrating our 1st birthday with a £2,000 grant

10 October 2022
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Celebrating our 1st birthday with a £2,000 grant

To celebrate our first year as a successful growing charity we are delighted to announce we have been able to award our first grant, partnering with Healthcare Workers’ Foundation. This has been able to start our mission to further improve the mental health and wellbeing of the NHS and paid Care workers.

Statistics from gov.uk show that 50% of NHS staff are more likely to experience high levels of work-related stress compared to the general working population, it is vitally important that healthcare workers have a suitable place to eat and rest in order to remain healthy and manage their wellbeing.

Partnering with the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation, the charity used the funds to refurbish a staffroom in Scarborough Hospital to provide essential space away from the wards. We are thrilled to see pictures of staff enjoying the space.